with Kenton Drumman Wyatt.

⭐ _Hi, Kenton, it was my great pleasure to take your workshop and then jam with you at 17 Mile Pub. After the loss of my beloved husband, I was devastated. I had a very hard time coping. My doctor prescribed medications that didn’t really work…only made me sick. I was very low and sinking further when a very dear friend of mine in Sooke suggested playing the African Drum. I reluctantly agreed thinking the interaction with my friends may be good. During the drum workshop…I remember sitting at a the drum…feeling very intimidated.

From the first moment I hit the drum…something changed inside of me and I was connected to it. From there onwards…when I attended friend’s potluck parties; I would play any drum I could until I got my own. Eventually, I was playing at many of the parties with other musicians. Many of my friends would ask me how I managed to make such

sounds. I would just laugh and say that I was having a temper tantrum on the drum and well…it sounded ok. Since then, I have taken a few workshops to learn technique, so I wasn’t hurting my hand so bad (literally played until my hands were bruised and swollen). I feel such a connection to my drum in a way I can’t describe. When I find myself really missing my lost love…I drum. When I am happy…I drum. The drum has become a part of me. And in doing so…I take it further and have begun to study it intensely. I realize that with many aboriginal peoples, the drum not only provides the rally cry for battle and such, but It represents the heartbeat of the village or of the people. It is that heartbeat that attracts me to it for in that beat there is life and hope. In the beat…there is also healing. That is what brought me to the drum. And why, I continue to drum as best as I can to this day. It was such an honour and blessing to meet you and attending your Drumming workshop.

Be well…always.

⭐ Sherie

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Recently I revealed information about my DRUM WIZARD 6 WEEK CHALLENGE to achieve the ability to drum your spirit to life through a series of step-by step interactive instructions by the Drumman himself so you  learn to play your drum so well that you can join in any ensemble and hold my own as you  play along with others and whenever you get a chance you can  play a killer rhythm that stands out and impresses everyone around you. 

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I am looking for  10   Nurses, Doctors or other Professionals who are sick of work that  is very stressful and hardly has time for myself especially in these trying times, and are ready to take back control.

On January 17, 2022 ,  these founding members will start working closely with me to achieve  their goal of becoming DRUM WIZARDS. I will make sure  you succeed.
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Would you LOVE to stop  thinking that no one  has enough patience to teach you, and that you have no rhythm or sense of timing? Well, start taking the right steps towards FINALLY achieving  the ability to go out there as a confident drummer and join in any drumming circle or jam with your friends and really impress them with my skills. Our  10 Founding Members will get: 

✅  One on one instructions so that you can discover your “Inner Drum” and Ignite your confidence.  

👉 The Challenge follows the KENDRUM Method which explores a variety of hand positions and special techniques, which is a unique system to achieve a variety of sounds on the drumming surface without pain or injuries to your hands.

For the DRUM WIZARD 6 Weeks Challenge  

Week 1.Discover Your Inner Drum Quick Start 

Week 2.Ignite your confidence

ceek 3. The Heart Beat Of Your Drum

Week 4. Feel The Rhythm within you

Week 5. The Rhythm Of The Beat

Week 6. Drum Your Spirit To Life 

Even before the end of this program you will be playing rhythms you never knew you had within you. You will certainly find these rhythms useful at many levels. Especially for relaxation and meditation. What is even more interesting, is that, as Founding Members you get to help build the program. 

Added to that I will be giving you a few bonuses  

✅   [Bonus #1] Weekly Group Coaching Calls to Personalize Your Plan

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[Bonus #3] Access to and membership of our Whatsapp Group with like minded drummers to help you stay the course and motivate you to press on and not quit before you see Results.

so that you stay the course and motivate you to press on and not quit before you see Results.

[Bonus #4] Your own App to practice your drumming anywhere, At any time at your convenience. “Lessons on the co” to  make learning convenient for you. 

[Bonus #5] “Discounted Monthly Coaching: Including Access To New Content, Weekly Coaching Calls After The Challenge and The Exclusive Community To hold You Accountable and Create Long Term Results” 

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